material forms

  • Available in continuous rolls and prepreg 



  • Lightning Strike Protection
  • EMI Shielding 
  • Conductive Composite Structures
  • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection
  • Conductive ground plane 
  • Superior ductility, highly drapeable and conformable to complex curvature parts



  • 3-100x lower sheet resistance than COTS metallized nonwovens at similar areal weights   

  • 36% lighter than the least resistive commercially available metallized nonwoven
  • 4.5–300x better specific conductivity than COTS metallized nonwovens
VeeloVEIL™ conforms to complex curves

VeeloVEIL™ conforms to complex curves


VeeloVEIL's launch was featured on the news platform Inside Composites.