NASA & Satellite Manufacturer Select Veelo BLAC™ for Prestigious InVEST Program

Veelo BLAC™, a super-black material that absorbs more than 99.6 percent of light, will be traveling to space as part of NASA’s Earth Science CubeSat Program on a 2018 mission to the International Space Station.

Compact Infrared Radiometer in Space (CIRiS) is an uncooled imaging infrared radiometer that is designed to provide high radiometric performance from Low Earth Orbit (LEO). CIRiS will travel to space on a CubeSat. Veelo BLAC™ will be used to adapt an existing component of CIRiS to be CubeSat compatible. Veelo BLAC™ reduces on-board calibration time and improves accuracy of collected data. CIRiS instrumentation is part of NASA’s LEO satellite program which has been established to perform breakthrough scientific research in land use management and climate change measurement.

Steve Brown
Strategic Pivoting Leads To Business Success

Since inception, General Nano has nimbly responded to evolving marketplace needs. During one critical juncture, General Nano decided to transition from manufacturing carbon nanotubes in fibrous material form to manufacturing carbon nanotubes in sheet and material form.

Steve Brown