Veelo Technologies, a General Nano Company, develops cutting-edge advanced materials and manufacturing technologies that improve the sustainability and performance of the world’s most demanding composite aircraft and weapon systems.


What we do

General Nano manufactures Veelo™, a new-class of lightweight, conductive, multifunctional materials that improve the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) of next generation air vehicles, including aircraft, rotorcraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), satellites, and missiles.  

Today, General Nano works side-by-side leading technologists at the Department of Defense, NASA and global aerospace and defense companies to transition Veelo™ into real-world applications, including multifunctional carbon fiber composites, deicing and anti-icing systems, lightweight data cables, lightning strike protection, EMI shielding, and blackbody calibrators for advanced satellite imaging.

General Nano is rapidly growing because of its high-caliber relationships, ability to collaborate, and technical skill. The company has distinguished itself by creating a manufacturing process that empowers engineers to design products with uniquely tailored properties that deliver new levels of application performance. 


For example, Veelo HEAT™, Veelo SHIELD™, and Veelo STRIKE™ are supplied in continuous sheet, tape, and film forms and can be customized by electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. Veelo BLAC™ is a specialty coating product optimized at the nanoscale and manufactured on device-size or macro-scale substrates.  

In 2018, Veelo BLAC™ will be launched on a NASA CubeSat to measure Earth sciences. This is possible because Veelo BLAC™ outperforms existing technology and is supplied in a product form that customers can seamlessly integrate without changing manufacturing processes.

Driving Sustainability, Improving Science, and Impacting 21st Century Priorities is our Purpose.  

If you share our passion to create technologies that enable society to Perform Smarter™, contact us. After all, our mission started in response to a simple question from a visionary that contacted us seven years ago — “What’s the plan for your technology?”  

Please reach out.  We would love to talk with you.