Veelo Technologies secures $2.9M Contract to Accelerate VeeloVEIL Production

Affective June 30, 2019, Veelo Technologies was awarded a $2.9M contract to accelerate the manufacturing readiness level (MRL) of VeeloVEIL, an ultra-lightweight, electrically conductive non-woven material for composite aerospace and defense assets. VeeloVEIL is used as a surface ply in high-value composite systems to address lightning strike protection, EMI shielding, and other electromagnetic effect requirements. VeeloVEIL is currently available in 36” wide roll-stock format for ease of prepreg integration. In 2020, the company will release VeeloVEIL in 60” wide product form. For more information, please contact or Tom Sorenson (; 385-449-8444).