General Nano Launches Veelo™

A New Class of Lightweight, Multifunctional Products

Impacting 21st century priorities in sustainability and science requires new technologies. This is the purpose of Veelo™ — a new class of lightweight, multifunctional advanced material products that General Nano is proud to launch with its customers and partners.

Veelo™ is a new product line of carbon nanotube sheet, film, tape and specialty coating products that are engineered in partnership with some of world’s most respected companies and institutions. Veelo™ has evolved from small-scale laboratory trials into commercialized products that are now being qualified in game-changing aerospace and defense applications, including space missions that will measure climate change and de-icing systems that will extend the mission of unmanned aerial vehicles. 

Veelo™ is the result of General Nano’s technologists and customers partnering to create advanced material solutions that empower engineers to design applications to meet next generation performance requirements.  

For example, Veelo BLAC™ delivers unprecedented blackbody calibration on satellites and missiles, improving the systems capability to collect and process information. Veelo SHIELD™ reduces data cable weight by 25-40%, saving fuel and improving life cycle costs. Veelo STRIKE™ provides next generation lightning strike protection and multifunctional performance. Veelo HEAT™ enables lightweight flexible heating that reduces weight and cost, extends missions, and drives new design options. 

Learn more about General Nano’s full suite of products by downloading the Veelo Product Summary Deck.  And, please contact us.  We would love to discuss if our purpose and capabilities can be of value to you and your organization.