General Nano Earns Recognition for Outstanding Advanced Engineering

Earth Eclipse.jpg

Innovation. Leadership. Business acumen. These are the combination of skills that have enabled General Nano to repeatedly earn recognition for engineering innovation in the highly competitive world of startup technology companies. General Nano’s steady growth, based on consistently developing a new class of engineered materials, continues to be recognized by the local business community for outstanding innovation. As an Innovation Awards 2013 winner and as an Innovation Awards Finalist in both 2014 and 2016, General Nano continues to advance its products into next generation applications that improve sustainability, strengthen science, and impact current 21st century priorities. 

General Nano earned the 2016 Innovation Awards Finalist recognition by developing and commercializingVeelo BLAC™, a super-black material that absorbs more than 99 percent of light and enhances the quality of images captured by high-value optical cameras. Veelo BLAC™ has multiple applications and will be launched into space on a NASA CubeSat that will measure Earth sciences, such as climate change and weather patterns. 

Veelo BLAC™ is one of the products in General Nano’s Veelo™ product line, which also includes Veelo HEAT™, Veelo SHIELD™ and Veelo STRIKE™.