From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to government agencies, General Nano’s focused and flexible approach to product development and innovation has resulted in applications that delight our customers and positively impact current and future generations. 


Customer Success Stories

General Nano’s success has been driven by our ability to work in partnership with our customers to develop solutions that address real world problems.

General Nano thrives when working in partnership with customers who have a clear vision and need to solve real world partners.  The company has a successful track record

of innovating solutions and working with small businesses, OEMs and prime contractors, Tier I suppliers, and government organizations.  If our technologies and team can create value for your organization and customers, please reach out.  We would love to explore how together we can Perform Smarter™.

Dr. Jae Kim, Senior Material Science Engineer and Inventor of  Veelo BLAC ™

nasa selects veelo blac™

General Nano took a customer-centric approach when developing Veelo BLAC™, a patented carbon nanotube coating technology that allows end users to enhance their imaging capability by improving on-board blackbody calibration. Veelo BLAC™ is the result of General Nano engineers inventing a chemistry and manufacturing process that yields game changing performance and meets aerospace supplier qualification requirements. Veelo BLAC™ is the enabling technology on a NASA CubeSat that will be launched to the international space station in 2018. The CubeSat will measure Earth sciences, such as climate change.

Boeing_Supplier of the Year.jpeg

Boeing's Supplier of the Year

In April 2016, General Nano received The Boeing Company’s 2015 Supplier of the Year in the technology category. This award of distinction was earned because of General Nano's ability to innovate and work in partnership to create next generation material solutions that improve modern aviation.


General Nano developed Veelo HEAT™ to satisfy the market need for a lightweight flexible heater with tailored performance. Today, Veelo HEAT™ is the enabling technology for next generation deicing and anti-icing systems that save weight, improve performance, and reduce manufacturing costs. Veelo HEAT™ is in the process of being qualified by multiple commercial and defense aerospace firms Veelo HEAT™ is being evaluated in new applications, such as advanced composite manufacturing technologies. 

Because of customer driven innovation, the Veelo™ product line continues to expand. Veelo SHIELD™ provides lightweight electromagnetic shielding on structures and cables. Veelo STRIKE™ is a next generation lightning strike protection solution that reduces weight and improves performance in air vehicles and wind blades.